First FlexICCS bi-annual meeting

The bi-annual FlexiCCS project meeting was held at the University of Edinburgh on the 5th of February 2018.

FlexiCCS an EPSRC-funded project which focusses on development of compact, modular and standard adsorption based CO2 capture solutions for small to medium-scale industrial sources. In particular, the project focusses on developing rapid cycle adsorption processes which could be produced in bulk to drive down the capital costs by arriving at flexible systems for a range of industrial CO2 capture applications. The project is lead University of Edinburgh (Engineering) in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh (Chemistry) and the University of St. Andrews (Chemistry).

The bi-annual meetings are arranged as a 2-part meeting in which a first part is dedicated to internal discussion among the research partners looking at updates on the project and future directions. In the second part of the meeting, an overview of the project with relevant updates and findings are shared with the industrial partners to encourage feedbacks and sharing of information.  

Dr. Timothy Golden from Air Products and Chemicals (visiting professor at the University of Edinburgh) attended both parts of the meeting providing precious insights on the progress of the project and the case study under investigation.

The afternoon session was well attended by the industrial partners and representatives from Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS), Diageo, Howden, INEOS Technologies UK, and Tees Valley Unlimited.

Research and Industrial partners attending the bi-annual FlexICCS meeting in Edinburgh, 05/02/2018